Raining Cats and Dogs

Black and White

We’re Off on an Adventure Diorama

Cone Kitty


Sketchbook- Edgar


Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining cats and dogs design. raining cats and dogs riso

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    • I haven't done a full project in black and white yet but here are some drawings from my sketchbook. I use black ink and ink wash.

      Black and White

    • I made this diorama as a bit of an experiment but I really enjoyed it and would like to use this process for a whole project at some point.

      We're Off on an Adventure Diorama

    •   Cone Kitty is the second picture book I have written. Coco and Kiki are the best of friends, they do everything together. One day when they are out climbing the tree at the bottom of the garden Kiki has an accident. Kiki is not ...

      Cone Kitty

    • Edgar is my first picture book. The story of a little boy who meets a lost elephant (Edgar) at the supermarket. Written: 2015 Pages: 32 Unpublished Awarded Highly Commended in the Macmillan Prize 2015


    • Some sketchbook pages from the working process of my first picturebook Edgar.

      Sketchbook- Edgar

    • This project was for the sequential image module on my masters degree. I created a sequence of images showing a girl taking a journey through scenes of different colours and later picking up these colours in her ...

      The Collector

    • Observational drawings of people from my sketchbooks. Click the thumbnails below to view gallery.

      Sketchbook- People

    • A collection of observational sketches done on location in various places. Click on the thumbnails below to view the gallery.

      Sketchbook- Places

    • Some drawings of animals from my sketchbooks. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

      Sketchbook- Animals

    • I have set myself a challenge to draw more plants from life because my sketchbooks are rather void of them! (Click on the thumbnails to view images)

      Sketchbook- Plants

    • In 2012 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam university with a first-class honours degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. These are some of the images I produced on the course.


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